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A campaign for more decisiveness in times of digital change

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Why should you train?

When it comes to making the right decision, a company can falter when it is faced with a number of alternatives to choose from. In times of rapid change, it’s not just a question of making a decision – but also of how to find one! This is what we call decisiveness. Our EXERCISE! Campaign aims at motivating businesses to take the plunge and trust in decisiveness. In order to do this, we take things apart, analyze and assess them and then assemble them into new ideas. Just the way we do in our day-to-day business.

In the coming months we will be publishing 10 exercises in loose order in which we permit ourselves to challenge the standards, procedures and thought patterns of classical planning. Our Exercise! Campaign shows you how easy it is to rethink and build upon your planning processes for business models, production processes and working conditions.

What do you need for our fitness training? How do we combine our methods with your requirements and how can you use planning to gain an edge in a competitive market? You will learn all of this one step at a time in our individual campaign exercises. Make sure you don’t miss out on an exercise. Subscribe to our newsletter that will include a handy reminder of your next training session!

Finally! Homework that you actually enjoy doing! As mathematicians and software engineers, we love doing puzzles. For this reason we would like you to solve a little brain teaser at the end of each exercise. This isn’t just for glory and prestige! Our first prize is a photoshoot styled on our campaign. All you have to do is correctly answer all of the 10 fairly mind-boggling brain teasers to enter our draw…

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What is OPTANO?

OPTANO is an optimization platform designed for industry and services in order to improve and accelerate planning processes. Unlike standard solutions, OPTANO convinces with its combined deployment of mathematical methods (OR) and user-oriented software, with a particularly agile procedure and a maximum of customization. In this way, OPTANO enables companies to achieve rapid time-to-market, an efficient drive towards goals such as KPIs and enhanced success.

More about OPTANO
More about the company behind OPTANO

What is OR?

OR stands for Operations Research, a science which focuses on planning using mathematical methods.

Where can OPTANO be deployed?

production planning . network planning . planning for inbound commodity flows/outbound product distribution . customized planning . route planning . project planning. personnel deployment planning . crew rostering . the optimization of safety/security parameters . allocation management . vehicle scheduling

Your field of activity isn’t listed above? Then you have two options:

  1. Contact us to get professional advice on your planning issues.
  2. Take our self-analysis and find out where you can apply OPTANO in your company.

Invest two minutes of your time and your long-term output is clarity about your optimization potential.


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The campaign video: Learning how to celebrate success

Drink a toast with OPTANO! The OPTANO equation in our stop-motion video.


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