What about ORCONOMY?

10 years of OPTANO

We are changing. And then again, we aren’t

When we established ORCONOMY GmbH in 2009, we campaigned with a clever little boy who had to choose between two pieces of cake and was smart enough to choose the larger piece. The headline back then was: “Some decisions are easy.” 10 years later we are showing you how to bake that cake with all the necessary baking utensils, ingredients and tools. Our Exercise! Campaign asks you to venture into our world of optimization technology in order to understand what drives us and what can take you and your business further!

You can still continue to make intelligent decisions with OPTANO; in fact, even more intelligent ones because there is one thing in particular that lies between now and then – a great deal of experience! With ORCONOMY GmbH we brought our optimization platform to life, we continued to develop it and allowed it to evolve in numerous projects. Today, the company and its product are so closely intertwined that we have decided to share this with the outside world. From now on, we will only be talking about what resonates with our clients: OPTANO!

Even if it’s now OPTANO GmbH that communicates with you, in general, you will find that nothing has changed –  apart from the fact that we are continuing to grow, that we have new headquarters and that we will be moving even closer towards your goals and requirements. In this spirit, join us in celebrating 10 years of OPTANO!

OPTANO – How it all began

The early years

Today’s CEOs at OPTANO GmbH started working together on research and practical projects, initially under the supervision of Professor Leena Suhl, at the Decision Support & Operations Research Lab  of Paderborn University in 2006. The collaboration between Dr. Stefan Bunte, Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes and Dr. Ingmar Steinzen proved to be a fruitful venture and so, together with a small team, they founded ORCONOMY GmbH and moved into the premises of Uniconsult, a small business start-up center. Once the team began to expand, the company relocated to a new building in Paderborn’s Technologiepark. Now, in 2019, OPTANO has moved again – into the building directly opposite, TP18. Here, a new OPTANO era is about to begin – a fascinating time of digitalization and change in which to implement our projects.

A time for science

Since its early days, OPTANO has continued to enhance its performance – starting with reusable modules, to the development of the CEUS Framework, which then became the OR Framework and which is now the OPTANO platform of today. We impart some of our knowledge of rapid mathematical modeling via OPTANO Modeling, a module which can be downloaded free-of-charge, thus providing the research community with new impetuses based on the results of our work.

OPTANO is still closely affiliated with the scientific community and is involved in theoretical as well as practical scientific research projects such as Theaterlytics, It’s OWL, Optservices, etc. By regularly attending the OR Conferences (also as a sponsor of the event in Dresden in 2019) we demonstrate our commitment to the research community and we value our discussions with colleagues from the academic field. Members of our OPTANO team have also published several research papers.

Our time together

We have grown by 1000% in one decade. In other words, we are now a team of 30 colleagues. We are proud that a few of those who started out with us are still here and we value the fresh input of those who have joined us over the years. Our workplaces are as workplaces should be: we offer flexible conditions, challenging tasks and a supportive team. As well as our expertise in mathematics and software programing, we have also turned into coffee connoisseurs. At the moment our team is the proud owner of no less than four (yes, four!) different coffee machines.

And because we believe in mixing work and pleasure, we take a personal interest in each other. We celebrate with colleagues when their children are born and help out when things don’t always go as planned. We treat ourselves to a team event twice a year. We’ve been canoeing, go-kart racing, done archery, bowling, curling, football-golf, skiing – to name just a few.

Ok, we admit that in that last sentence we intend to plug OPTANO as a great employer (which is true!) If we have achieved our purpose here, then take a look at our current vacancies or contact Verena Bewermeyer on how to join our team.

The OPTANO Story continues

OPTANO and its technology is in an ever-expanding market. More and more departments in large corporations view work with OR as a means of gaining a competitive edge. Thanks to increasing efficiency in the creation of OR solutions, such as by using the OPTANO platform, optimization software is becoming more financially viable for a large client spectrum. OPTANO is convinced that, as a result of this development, even more OR will be deployed in many areas in order to make planning processes more reliable and to limit the amount of errors and routine tasks.

Applying scientific optimization instruments in practice so that they streamline processes, optimize procedures and support complex decisions makes perfect sense to everybody. The challenge for businesses will be to deploy OR as an indispensable tool and to enable employees to identify OR issues quickly. The motivation for businesses to do this is already there. They understand that their success depends on the value of good decisions. OPTANO’s goal is to be a part of this. We want to motivate companies and all who work in them to accept OR as their tool.