Rediscover OPTANO


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Rediscover OPTANO

The whole world of planning optimization in less than 2 minutes

From the idea to the video

Making  clear how versatile OPTANO is in a fun, visual manner – that was the idea behind the making of this video. OPTANO is a powerful tool for all issues involving process optimization. It makes the most complex planning manageable and optimizes your production, network or location planning in accordance with your business goals. To do this, OPTANO applies mathematical optimization methods.

So brilliant, and so in need of explanation. Sit back and enjoy watching the world of planning optimization in just under two minutes.

The Making-Of

A lot of fun during the photo shoot

The team, consisting of the marketing agency, photographer, make-up artist and prop manager, all had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. Admittedly, it also involved a lot of hard work. The most complex equipment had to be taken apart and laid out in neat and tidy rows – this called for some patience! The end result were 10 photo series with different motives which are  being published one after the other in our Exercise! campaign. Why not visit our homepage and take a look now and then?

However it’s not the brilliant and detailed Neatly motives that are the stars in this video. The actual stars are the people behind OPTANO. Stefan, Ingmar, Jens, Sabrina, Steffi and Simon (in order of appearance) give the video its wit, charm and authenticity.