Exercise № 10

Keep going!

Keep going!

We have taken you through the topic of optimization over the course of nine exercises. We took a light-hearted approach, presenting you with exercises, checklists and homework. Our intention has been to encourage a change in perspective and to reflect. We hope that you have come away with new ideas – be this on a professional or personal level.

In our final Exercise 10, we venture a look back to enable us to look ahead. After much consideration, we can conclude that optimization is not a passing fad but an ideal opportunity to pursue quality management of the highest standard.

Decide how you want to continue. We will recap on the incentives we may have given you and we will take a look at the potential that has become available: what do you want to do with it?

Unit 1

Looking back to look ahead: what you can learn from our exercises: A summary!

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Unit 2

After the game is before the game! What you can do with your freed potential…

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Unit 1

Unit 1:

Looking back to look ahead

Lessons learned

Insights from 10 exercises

Over the course of 10 exercises, we focused on very different aspects of optimization processes, optimization software and on other related areas. We have made proposals designed to encourage you to look at the topic of optimization more closely – either on a business level or on a personal one.


In this unit we take a look back over the last 10 exercises:

Master your planning!

In our first exercise we wanted you to learn how to embrace complexity. We proved that complex issues don’t necessarily have to lead to complicated solutions – quite the opposite, in fact! Did we win you over?

Look back at Exercise 1

Time for a check-up!

A planning check-up is the onset of an optimization project. What’s it all about, which parameters are important, what exactly is the problem? In exercise 2 we underwent a careful anamesis and drew up a therapy plan! What was your diagnosis?

Look back at Exercise 2

Try it and see!

At the start of an optimization project, you don’t just need to know about the options, you also have to want to try them out: Experimenting is more important than scrutiny was the motto of our third exercise. Were you brave enough to give it a try?

Look back at Exercise 3

A powerful tool.

We talked about mathematics and what you can achieve with it in terms of  optimization. You became acquainted with the power of Prescriptive Analytics. Were you able to draw conclusions for your own business?

Look back at Exercise 4

An exercise in trust!

You must be able to have confidence in a powerful tool. Here we showed you where algorithms determine our lives and which features can help you identify safety criteria for your software. Would you trust them?

Look back at Exercise 5

Tailor-made to perfection!

How suitable an optimization solution is for you depends on your own individual problem. We compared standard, customized and platform-based software solutions and got them ready for your “first fitting”. Did you try them on for size?

Look back at Exercise 6

Secret ingredient: Teamwork!

Optimization software helps those who operate it. It’s wise to incorporate it into change processes early on. We demonstrated how this can succeed in a particularly cooperative manner and with agile methods. Are your teams ready for this work procedure?

Look back at Exercise 7

Become measurable, stay measurable!

All your efforts will go to waste if you don’t have the right result at the end. We took a look at how you can visualize your numbers and the possibilities OPTANO offers! Would you like to see the optimziation of your KPIs at a glance?

Look back at Exercise 8

Learning to celebrate success!

We asked ourselves on which levels of need success takes place and how you can celebrate your achievements successfully. Did you see yourself reflected here?

Look back at Exercise 9

Keep going!

After the game is before the game! Once you’ve started, optimization is a continuous process. Which capacities have been unleashed by optimization? Which new problems do you want to solve? Which market advantage do you want to have? We give you some ideas in our next unit!


»Sometimes it’s worth looking back to look ahead!«

Unit 2

Unit 2:

Use your free capacities!

The methods of an optimization project can often be applied in other business areas? This offers you, therefore, the unique opportunity to put your insights and results to good use in other areas..

You can execute more client orders at the same time using more efficient processes. Not only does this benefit  your sales and the operating result but it also secures jobs and  the future sustainability of your company.

Keeping skilled employees in a company is an important Human Resources issue. Invest in a functioning team by offering incentives and introducing team-building measures which you seldom have time for during your company’s day-to-day business.

A fundamental business development requires sufficient resources. Invest your financial resources and manpower in new and further developed business models which can maybe even be built upon optimization!

In many companies, the best approaches towards reasonable ecological improvements originate from the employees of the respective specialist departments. Any resources that have been made available can perhaps be invested in climate, environmental or other sustainable projects.


Make good use of the time saved

The first achievement of a successful optimization project is that the resources you have saved become apparent. This achievement gives a company the opportunity to invest in released capacities. Think about how you could put your reinvestments to good use in your market position.


»The spirit of any optimization is expansive, not restrictive. Released capacities always lead to freer thinking.«

Homework № 10

Match the pictures!

Homework № 10

Which image belongs to which exercise? Look back over the images in the exercises and put them in order of their appearance in our campaign from 1-9.

Have fun!



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    Game »Die Kunst Aufzuräumen«

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