Exercise № 9

Celebrate success!

Why you need to focus on success!

How can success be recognized if it isn’t celebrated? The aim of this exercise is to motivate you to celebrate your success. Because contrary to the widespread belief that success is related to happiness, it is more often the result of the right goal definition, careful planning, agile implementation and the choice of the right team.

Success can be found on different levels. Whether large or small, objectively measurable achievements or merely one’s own personal triumph: in unit 1 we look at the various types of success. Curious? In unit 2 we focus on the importance of celebrating success. What are appropriate occasions and how can these be celebrated? Let’s find out together.

Unit 1

Money or happiness? Personal development or influence? What types of success are there? Let’s find out!

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Unit 2

Is the annual Christmas party occasion enough to celebrate your achievements with your team? We don’t think so and highlight events and options

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Unit 1

Unit 1:
Defining success

Success is what you make of it

Sense of achievement

What’s your type of success?

Do you remember Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs? We’ve all come across it at some time or another and it serves as the basic framework for our first unit on success. What kind of success is there and what does success mean for you personally? Let’s find out together!

Types of Success

Good sales development means security. It enables you to set up a sound financial buffer,  develop your business areas further by investing strategically and making them sustainable. Financial success automatically fulfils the need for security. How important is financial success to you?

The fact that others follow or imitate you can be a kind of satisfaction that you find inspiring. Recognition releases positive energy and motivates you to undertake new ventures. Success creates recognition and recognition creates success. What about you? Is recognition an essential success factor in your life?

Success may also be that you have achieved great independence. When you don’t just meet standards but actually set them. In this respect, the financial aspects are a sufficient yet not a necessary condtion. Is freedom a measure of success for you?

Perhaps the term success has more significance to you on a personal level and doesn’t fit into any of the above categories? Maybe to you success simply means enjoying the work that you do, supporting others in their development or simply contributing towards making other people happy?


»Success takes place on different levels. It’s worth taking a closer look.«

Unit 2

Unit 2:
Celebrating events

There cannot be enough reasons


What is a small, medium or great achievement? That’s for you to decide. Maybe you have just completed a stage of a large project or had a productive and successful meeting? One nice tradition at OPTANO is that our developers blow loudly into a party horn when they have  successfully tested and launched a new code – the so-called “deploy horn”. So, if you happen to be visiting us and suddenly hear a loud tooting, don’t worry, we haven’t been invaded by a group of crazy carnival-goers, our developers have simply been productive.

Of course not every milestone you achieve in your project needs to be marked with an extravagant party. Sometimes just one or two heartfelt words of thanks are enough, or a gesture, such as bringing the team an ice or cake. The gesture and the acknowledgement of a person’s work is what counts, not the cost. If it has to be something special, then why not invite your team to a meal – whether its breakfast in the office, a quick lunch nearby or an open-end dinner after work; that’s up to you. However, make sure it is kept within reason and don’t do it too often.

If you’ve clinched a major deal or a large project has been completed successfully, then you can afford to celebrate some more. Whether it’s a team activity such as go-kart driving, archery or the classic BBQ – the hard work of all involved should be sealed with an exclamation mark! If a project has been concluded in which the client was involved, think about whether you should invite him/her, too. In this case, of course, it is important that you get along together – but no doubt that will have been established beforehand.

Reasons for celebration

We invite you to celebrate success

How does your company go about celebrating success? Is it restricted to the obligatory Christmas party or do you consciously celebrate success together with your team? Don’t get us wrong: We’re not talking about throwing extravagant parties but about showing appreciation for the goals and intermediate goals you have achieved together.

You’ve guessed it already! We believe that each and every achievement deserves to be celebrated. Which is why in this unit we look at the large and small occasions and the reasonable options available to help celebrate these. In this way, your team becomes a dedicated community that takes on each new task with enthusiasm. Let’s roll!


»Just because you do something good every day doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate something now and then.«

Homework № 9

Playlist for winners

Homework № 9: Choose your favorites!

Music transmits emotions. The body can store success mcuh better if it can connect it to one of the senses. Here are our top 5 best winner (and loser) songs with which you can celebrate success.

What does your list of favorites look like? Put the songs in order of your preference or why not add one of your own? We’re looking forward to seeing your list.

    Beck: Loser

    Tina Turner: Simply the best

    Andreas Bourani: Auf uns

    Frank Sinatra: Winner

    ACDC: Thunderstruck

    Suggest your own song:


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    2nd – 5th Prizes:

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    Game »Die Kunst Aufzuräumen«

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