Is OPTANO suitable for me/us?

Say YES to more decisiveness!
Attain your goal with just 10 questions

Below are ten questions to help you assess where your parameters lie. All you have to do is decide whether the question applies to you or not. Yes or no? Even if just one question applies to your company, the answer is clear: “yes”. Your company has the potential to deploy OR technology with OPTANO. Ready? Let’s go!


  1. Are there any under-utilized assets?
  2. Do you have bottlenecks?
  3. Do you repeatedly have lengthy debates on strategic decisions or operational issues?
  4. Do you have difficulty in defining what “best” means for your plan/schedule of operations?
  5. Do you have problems in defining appropriate performance measures to reflect your strategic goals and operational situations?
  6. Do you invest a great deal of time in recurring planning because requirements have changed?
  7. Are there processes and planning procedures that cannot be carried out spontaneously by representatives?
  8. Is it difficult to improve your plans or workloads through manual adjustment?
  9. Is there data/information that influences the planning yet is neither stored in a structured manner nor checked regularly?
  10. Do your competitors use mathematical optimization to plan their resource use?

How many times did you answer with “yes”?

The more “yes” answers you have, the greater your need for an OR-based solution to help you find a decision. Take this self-analysis as an opportunity: Send us your result, i.e. the questions that were relevant and you answered with yes, and our experts here can demonstrate how you can attain the success you want with OPTANO.

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